Excursion to the air pollution measurement station Dresden Nord

Today the EM39 course met with Dr. Kath at the Dresden-Neustadt station to learn about air pollution measurements. The measurement station Dresden Nord is one of 29 stations in the air monitoring network of the state of Saxony. This network serves both the long-term monitoring of immissions, as well as the detection of briefly occurring high loads of pollutants, so that measures for prevention or remedy can be initiated if necessary.

Pollutants such as SO2, NOX, ozone, BTX as well as particulate matter PM10, PM2,5 are monitored whereas for the determination of particulate matter two measuring methods are used: The first measuring method is the continuous recording of preliminary, exploratory data  for the legally required, daily updated information of the public, the second measurement method provides final data as a basis for the determination of PM10 exceedances and the preparation of air quality plans. The filter samples are analyzed by weighing in the lab.

(Fotos: T. Karp)


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