Waste Water Treatment – the long experience of Dresden

Waste water treatment is a key factor to reduce the environmental pollution, especially of water bodies. As an excellent opportunity to get practical knowledge about this crucial issue, the participants of the EM39-course have visited the facilities of the Sewage Treatment Plant of the capital city of Saxony “Stadtentwässerung Dresden”, which started operations about 100 years ago by using primary technologies. During the following years they developed different paths to improve the treatment quality facing the challenges produced by factors as population growth, industrial diversification among others. In this city more than 90% of all homes are connected to the public sewer system.

The head for the Laboratory of Industrial Pollutants, Mr. Norbert Lucke, shared all the main technical information about the whole waste water and sludge treatment with the course participants.


Special thanks to Mr. Norbert Lucke and Ms. Rita Knocher for sharing with CIPSEM the great experience of this company.

Report by Fany Ramos Quispe (Bolivia), photograph by Binod Gurung (Nepal)


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