Call for applications open!

We are glad to announce a new set of courses for the 2016/17 period:

  • 31 August – 23 September, 2016
    68th UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB International Short Course on Integrated Water Resource Management and Health (SC68)
  • 5 October – 2 November, 2016
    69th UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB International Short Course on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SC69)
  • 17 November – 13 December, 2016
    70th UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB International Short Course on Sustainable Cities (SC70)
  • 10 January – 11 July, 2017
    40th UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB International Postgraduate Course on Environmental Management for Developing and Emerging Countries (EM40)

In support of the sustainable development goals, our courses are designed to prepare the participants for their tasks of environment-related planning, coordination and management within ministries, agencies and local governments as well as NGOs of their home countries. Participants are expected to have several years of course relevant professional experience and to be nominated by their institution in a developing or emerging country.

Interested? Then please have a look on our course website and the application FAQ.

Application deadline is on June 09, 2016.

Flyer: UNEP-UNESCO-BMUB__Course_Programme_2016-17


2 thoughts on “Call for applications open!”

  1. Dear Dr. Anna, I hope you are doing well. I am writing to ask if a CIPSEM alumnos can appy for another CIPSEM course. I attended EM 35 in 2012 and I am really interested in attending the short course ‘Sustainable Cities’. Let me know whether it is possible or not for me to apply. Have a good evening.

    All the best,

    Koutoua Thomas D’Aquin Gnamessou CIPSEM alumnos ( EM 35 ) Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ivory Coast
    [email signature removed]


    1. Yes, it is possible to apply again. Please describe your motivation clearly. However, well qualified applicants who have not yet participated in a UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB course programme have higher chances of being selected.


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