A visit to the TU Dresden botanical garden

Without an entrance fee for the community, the publicly accessible Botanical Garden of the TU Dresden is not only home to native and endangered plants, but also serves as a botanical repository for plant species of ‘vulnerable’ status, highlighting the vital role of botanic gardens in the conservation of the same.

The visit started with an introduction on the historical development of the plant conservatory including the different locations wherein plant collections were held since 1820. This was followed by a description of the entire plant collection, namely a variety of 10,000 plant species from tropical, subtropical, old-world deserts and rain forests in America, Africa and Asia which are divided into species of annuals, perennial herbs, and woody plants. We warmly thank Dr. Barbara Ditsch, Dr. Stein, and Dr. Lindner for the lecture and guided touring around the garden with the unforgettable unique plants.

Before the excursion was completed, we also came to learn about the natural bees whose role in the maintenance of plant genetic resources and also plant conservation, not only in this garden but also worldwide, is regarded as very important. We felt we have had a tour around the botanical world within the confines of the TUD Botanical Garden, with the birds singing and the light-sunny peaceful ambience.


Report by Dang Diep Yen Nga (Vietnam) and photographs by Rocío Grommeck (Paraguay)

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