All is not well… but all is not lost….

by Ms Kebaabetswe Keoagile, Botswana

All is not well…

From cutting of trees to energy power stations to mining activities and clearing the land for developments, the future generations will not get to know how the environment was before. More pressure is put on the environment by different drivers ranging from social, economic and ecological.

But all is not lost…

What we need is working towards a single goal of environmental protection and management. Putting our heads together for a common goal will go a long way. It starts with setting our priorities right in balancing conservation and development which can be through the maintenance of the factors and practices that contribute to the quality of environment on a long-term basis. Having integrated policies and legislations that are turned into actions and implementable hence sustainable Environment; an environment that can keep itself as close to its natural condition as possible, and is capable of supporting human life.


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