Conservation for future generations

by Reem Gasim Omer Fadlelseed, Sudan

I believe in sustainable use of natural resources so that the future generations will be able to benefit as well and again pass the resources for their future generations. It is not an easy process especially in my country (Sudan) where the only sustainable things are civil wars and armed conflicts. In addition to all the hard situations which we’re facing, we have to deal with climate change and its impacts such as droughts and floods events. So in order to be able to live in this situation people have to use resources in a sustainable manner (Especially natural resources). Unfortunately, the opposite is happening and people consume natural resources in a very high rate without any idea about the impacts of their consumption on the future generations.

One truck load of about 700 or more tree stumps staked in order to be used for fuel, South Kurdufan, Sudan.2016.

Fuelwood is the major driver for people to cut down forests o supply them with energy especially in rural areas and also over grazing of pastures.

Missiriyah tribe families during their seasonal-annual movement from down south parts of West Kurdufan to Northern parts. Sudan. 2016.

The over consumption of the natural recourses of course has an environmental outcome resulting in biodiversity loss due to changing of land use and habitat loss. Also insecurity issues which result from the over consumption of the natural recourses can be raised in term of conflicts over (the limited) natural recourses between different players (farmers – pastoralist) and (small farmers – mechanized farmers).

Black Crowned Crane (Balearica pavonina) , West Kurdufan. Sudan.

In order to enhance the situation in my country and for a better situation for the future generations we need to start from the policies level and develop regulations which can ensure the sustainable use of the natural resources. In addition to that, we need to develop alternative sources of energy for the rural communities to conserve the forests areas. Finally we need to set a land use plan especially in rural areas to reduce to conflicts which are arising from the utilization of the limited natural resources.

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