Soils in the landscape

We got to visit the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) in Müncheberg, just east of Berlin. During the previous day, Prof. Jochen Schanze had introduced basic concepts of Integrated Water Resources Management in relation to land use. Some of these ideas have been fleshed out during our exchange with Dr Dagmar Balla from the ZALF Institute of Landscape Hydrology. For instance, we got to run a very educative model of the water cycle at the landscape scale and also received some insights into water reuse for agricultural purposes.

Exploring the ZALF campus …

The social dimension has been added in the afternoon when Dr Frieder Graef and his colleagues Michelle Bonatti, Festo R. Silungwe shared insights into a large trans-disciplinary R&D project on food security with the group. It has been particularly helpful to learn about educational approaches and techniques for a more sustainable use of land resources, besides an introduction into the project framework.

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