CIPSEM alumnus appointed as Minister of Nature Protection

Upon the proposal of the Prime Minister, under Article 150 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, Mr. Erik Grigoryan was appointed as the Minister of Nature Protection on May 12th, 2018. Congratulations!

Mr. Erik Grigoryan was participant of the 30th UNEP/UNESCO/BMU International Postgraduate Course on Environmental Management in 2007 and finished the course with a final paper on “Development of Economical Mechanisms for Environmental Management in Armenia and Experience and Practice of Germany”

3 thoughts on “CIPSEM alumnus appointed as Minister of Nature Protection”

    1. Congratulations for Mr. Erik Grigoryan upon this achievement. May you find the needed wisdom, descernment and patience to effectively execute your duties, which are increasingly becoming challenging in out times!

      Thank you for CIPSEM too, for the support and for keeping a good track of your own. Wunderbar!

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