Restoration of open-pit mining areas

The group sallied to the Lower Lusatia-region in southern Brandenburg, more precisely to the surroundings of the town Finsterwalde. Whereas the town itself has gained national fame in the late 19th century through a folk music song, the participants were dealing rather with the culture of soils and cultivation of plants today. Starting at the open-pit mining site Welzow-Süd the group got an impression of the dimension of devastated and degraded areas after lignite surface-mining. 

Subsequently, the restoration process at different stages – starting with the first planting on dumped soil, finishing with a reforested site – was examined and discussed.

(Photos: T. Karp)

Forestry and soil protection

Nearby the Czech boarder the group met with two experts to learn about the effects of forestry on soils. Soil compaction, root deformations, and skidding damages on trees were explained and discussed. As the icing of the cake, the group had the opportunity to watch how felling with support of a horse is done and how a harvester is working.

(Photos: T. Karp)