Chemnitz – the city of modernity

“Stadt der Moderne” (City of Modernity) is the title that Saxony’s third largest city uses to describe itself. In terms of its energy concept, this rings true to us. In 2015, the municipality has received the European Energy Award in Gold. During our excursion today we got to meet some main actors contributing to this sucess: employees of the city administration as well as Dr. Schwenk of FASA AG. The company earns most of its money with noise cancelling infrastructure, but is also passionate about offering affordable buildings equipped with solarthermal heating.

Please see the image captions for details.

The solar value chain and beyond

An important part of our short course on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency has been our visit to SolarWorld Freiberg.
All participants made good use of this opportunity to learn about the solar value chain including recycling of photovoltaic modules. We got to know current types and characteristics of PV-systems.
We also discovered what makes a good quality photovoltaic system. The wide range of short and long term benefits of high quality standards came as a surprise to some of us and illustrated well that lower up-front costs don’t necessarily lead to lower total cost.

Thanks to Mr. Handke for enthusiastically sharing his knowledge in an introductory talk, a guided tour, and extensive Q&A sessions.

After fortifying ourselves at the student restaurant we went on to explore mining history of the area and the natural beauty of minerals in the Terra Mineralia exhibition.