CIPSEM goes theatre – first impressions

After several months of development and rehearsal, the first co-production of ‘die buehne‘ and CIPSEM premiered this Friday and was really well received.

‘Come to go’ explores quite intensely what it can mean to be exposed to an unfamiliar environment, and how it feels to be welcome.

Right from the start of the performance, the audience had been very much engaged in interacting with the cast. Throughout and beyond, the piece offered numerous surprises and many opportunities for exchange with the actors and fellow (previously unknown) members of the audience. In my opinion, the play was very successful in conveying some stories of the cast members as well as sending the audience on a world trip inside the CIPSEM building by playing cleverly with rituals and hospitality. Another word comes to mind: yummy.

So, take the opportunity to see ‘come to go’ if you can. You can still experience the play on April 15 and 16. Here are some glimpses, hopefully without spoiling the experience for those who will still attend the performance:

The cast:

Mehri Sadat Alavinasab Ashgezari, Diep Yen Nga Dang, Sebastian Deibel, Christin Djoleff, Binod Das Gurung, Carolin Hesse, Katka Horakova, Hilina Yohannes Kebede, Gerald Lifa, Hiba Mohammad, Fany Beatriz Ramos Quispe, Dulip Somirathna, Ignacio Vicente

Direction: Eva Gödan & Ulrich Reinhardt
Dramaturgy: Matthias Spaniel
Assistent director: Anja Haase

Photos by Maximilian Helm


Soon: come to go – a theatre project with CIPSEM participants

Eight of our current course participants reflect on their experiences in Dresden in a joint theatre production with die bühne (the theatre of TU Dresden). Performances will take place in the CIPSEM facilities in the evenings of April 08, 09, 15 and 16.

You are very welcome to join, if you are around. Please check the website of die buehne for more information.

In any case, we will also report in our blog!