Waste management in Dresden and surroundings

In two consecutive days Dr. Lohmann was guiding the group to different waste processing sites. The course participants of EM38 learned about waste management in Dresden, closed landfill and landfill gas utilization, biological-mechanic waste treatment, mineral waste sorting and recycling, hazardous waste storage and pre-treatment, electric and electronic scrap dismantling and sorting, waste paper recycling and light packaging and waste paper sorting.

(Photos: A. Lindner)

Visit to the Institute of Waste Management and Contaminated Site Management

The Environmental Management course traveled to Pirna to visit the Institute of Waste Management and Contaminated Site Management as part of the Waste Management and Circular Economy module. The morning program contained lectures on biological waste treatment and on landfills. After lunch Dr. Willscher showed the group around and gave an interesting insight in the research facilities and ongoing studies at the Institute.

(Photos: T. Karp)