A glimpse in to the history and future of e-mobility

While sustainable mobility must include a wide range of approaches, using electric drives instead of combustion engines must be an important component.

Therefore, we started exploring the issue during a tour through the e-mobility exhibition in the Volkswagen transparent factory. Highlights were the e-bikes or pedelecs – there are already millions on the road… and also the electric scooters on show.

Later on, we will explore other ingredients for more sustainable mobility during lectures and excursions with Prof. Udo Becker and his colleagues from the chair of transport ecology at TU Dresden.


Visit to the control center of public transport in Dresden

On May 4th our group, the EM-39 course, headed to  Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (DVB) for learning on how they manage the public transport in Dresden sustainably. DVB is an integrated public transport company in Dresden which services for half a million passengers. In the central operational unit of DVB Mr. Winfried Ölmann and his colleagues warmly welcomed us and explained the companys operation system, service system, information system as well as communication methods regarding the public transport in Dresden. DVB operates the public transportation with three pillars of sustainable management: ecology, economy and society.

Report by Su Mon Myint (Myanmar)

Exploring sustainable transportation to the full

Mobility is crucial for achieving overall sustainability. The topic is therefore covered intensively as part of the module ‘sustainable urban and regional development’. We started with an introduction by Prof. Udo Becker from the chair of transport ecology of TU Dresden and some guidelines on how to council municipalities with regard to walking and cycling by Dr. Thilo Becker. Then some hands-on experience followed right away – check some impressions below. Click on the pictures to see the explanations.

Photos by Dulip Somirathna and Angela Francke, unless otherwise mentioned.