SC68 visiting the wastewater treatment plant Dresden Kaditz

Their first excursion brought the SC68 group to the wastewater treatment plant in Kaditz.  The warm and sunny weather outside set the scene for a pleasant excursion. The downside? You can smell it in the deep of the sewage system. But the expert knowledge of Mr. Lucke more than compensated. He guided the participants through the plant while explaining all the different steps of wastewater treatment from first to last.

(Photos: T. Karp)


Excursion to the waste water treatment plant Dresden-Kaditz

Today the group headed to the north-western outskirts to visit Dresden’s main sewage treatment plant. About 55 million cubic meters of waste water flowing annually through the city’s 1.700 km (!) long sewer network are mainly treated here. After a short introduction, the group adventured underground to see the first step of the sewage treatments and subsequently followed all the procedure it takes to clean the incoming  water. The newly constructed biological treatment plant and the sludge treatment facilities make it possible that the waste water after the treatment has a quality like natural water again.

(Photos: T. Karp)